Sports and Development is the core programme in the centre. It aims at strengthening community sporting, and displaying its value as a basis of all elite sporting programmes. It targets youths and athletes from as early as 5 years and on-wards. It has got two important features; whereby,

a) Sport is developed separately and importantly aimed at achieving sport oriented results. Its got year round activities such as;

  • Sports leagues and tournaments
  • Daily and weekly sports sessions
  • Sports clinics, specifically football
  • Improving sports facilities

b) Sport-for-development; the use of sport as a tool to carry on other development areas and goals. Sport is used to mobilize youths, athletes and leaders in order to engage them in specified and diverse development projects and areas. Some of the key programmes and projects in the centre, such as leadership, mentorship, life skills, education and entrepreneurship relies on the power of sport as a mobilizing and cohesive tool, before engaging the target participants in training, development and empowerment in defined areas.