SportsConsult is a sports management consultancy agency; purely sports-based business and sports marketing consultants, and a sports business wing of Centre of Sports Academy and Excellence.

The agency exists to provide real solutions in the set up of contemporary professional sports, and envisions sports programmes and sports related programmes designed with a real future focus geared towards delivering desired results. We value progressive sports and our partners operates professional sports-based programmes, professional development programmes, and business projects.

Our Products; are the current and immediate solutions towards realising enriching programmes and real value returns for investments. Our products offer real value for your investment.

Product 1: Research and Strategic Planning;


  • Designing Programmes, Systems & Structures;

i) Foundational sports; beginners, children and youths

ii) Development sports; youths and young adults (athletes at their real development process)

iii) Performance sports; professional players and professional organisation of the sports

  • Strategic Planning;

Proven expertise in developing strategies for Football Clubs, Football Academies, Sports Agencies, Community Development Agencies, and Business Projects

  • Research Services;

i) Qualitative Research

ii) Quantitative Research

  • Surveys & Data Collection;

i) Feasibility studies

ii) Baselines studies

iii) Case studies

iv) Impact Studies

  • Monitoring & Evaluation, and Periodic Programme / Project Reviews;

Product 2: Coaching, Life-Skills and Sports Education;

  • Football Coaching;

i) Primary Schools

ii) High Schools

iii) Colleges

iv) Sports Agencies

  • Physical Education;

i) Primary Schools

ii) High Schools

  • Developmental Facilitation;

i) Life-Skills Trainings

ii) Life Coaching

iii) Socio-Sports Integration

  • Sports-based Trainings and Courses;

i) Sports Administration and Management

ii) Event Management

iii) Tournament and League Management

iv) Football and Sports Coaching

v) Sports Injuries Prevention and Tehabilitation

vi) Sports Nutrition

vii) Ethics of Sports Performance Coaching

Product 3: Tournament and Events Management;

  • Organising Sports-based Events;


i) Sports days

ii) Active healthy sporting programmes

iii) Managing year- round leagues

iv) Managing sports camps and festivals

  • Organising Tournaments (COSAE Cup);

i) Local / National Tournaments

ii) Regional Tournaments

iii) International Tournaments

Product 4: Sales and Supplies of Sports Equipment;

Sales, Supplies and Marketing agents of all sports equipment, local and imported